The Backer Group

Backer-Wilson Elements is the Australian Office of the Backer Group. Backer develops and produces components and solutions for electric heating markets around the world. Since the start of the group in 1949, Sösdala, a little town in the south of Sweden, remains headquarters with over 40 companies and 6000 employees around the world. The Backer Group is the premier solutions provider in the heating element industry.
The Backer Group, in turn, is part of one of NIBE Group’s three Business Areas, NIBE Element.
The NIBE Group is listed under the legal name NIBE Industrier AB on the Large Cap list of the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Exchange since 1997, with a secondary listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Operations are conducted through three different Business Areas: Climate Solutions, Elements and Stoves, with more than 11,000 employees in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Each Business Area has its own operational management with full profit responsibility.
Backer is a technical industrial partner to the most important companies in several industry sectors. We deliver competitive solutions within the fields of measurement, heating, and control for leading companies in the Automotive, Energy, Railway, Medicine, HVAC and Process industries. Our customers require innovative and customised technical solutions for their specific applications.

At Backer, we strive to help create competitive advantage for our customers by adding value through partnership. Our approach to product design and supply results in real benefits for our customers. Our global presence ensures that no matter where our customers design, test or produce their products, Backer engineering and support services are always available.
Backer is driven to provide optimal technical solutions with the best possible quality at globally competitive prices. With advanced capabilities in laboratory testing, engineering and agency certification, our passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations makes us the first choice in heating solutions.