These resistors are insulated and can easily be mounted in compact constructions. They are specially designed for high pulse loads compared to the avarage load. The nominal load can be improved by forced air cooling or by mounting the resistors on a heat sink.

The resistor elements are wirewound on mica support sheets. Lower ohmic values are made with helix wound elements mounted in a ceramic support part. The outer housing is an aluminium profile insulated with micanite sheets on all inner surfaces. The resistor elements are symmetricaly fixed in the profile by the mica construction. This ensures a symmetric expansion of the resistors and a maximum stability to high load impulses. The aluminium profile with the fixed resistor element is filled with quarts sand.  This ensures a minimum change of the resistor surface temperature even if the resistor element reaches its maximum temperature during a pulse load. If higher protection classes are required please use our CCR, CBR, CBS, CBT or CMQ resistors. The highest protection class is IP65 / Type 4X, with nominal powers ranging up to 14.9 kW.

We offers THERMAL SIMULATION to customers ensuring the right first choice of components.