The CBHK/CBVK has been designed with increased insulation meeting the demands for 1000VAC/1440VDC. 

The resistor elements are wire wound on mica support sheets. The outer housing is an aluminium profile isolated with micanite sheets on all inner surfaces. The resistor elements are fixed symmetrical in the profile by ceramic insulators. This ensures a symmetric expansion of the resistors and a maximum stability at high load impulses.

The aluminium profile with the fixed resistor element is filled with quarts sand. This ensures a minimum change of the resistor surface temperature even if the resistor element reaches its maximum temperature during a pulse load. These resistors can be delivered with internal or external thermostats.

The standard cables are 300 mm AWG 18-10 PTFE, neutral color for 1000V. 

We offer our assistance to our customers to find the optimum solution for any situation. We can provide you with THERMAL SIMULATION corresponding to all resistor types and resistor values. By using these models we are able to calculate the temperature rises in the resistor wire and on the surface for all possible load applications.