CCH (Flat Pack) belong to our medium range of ALPHA ALUMINIUM HOUSED BRAKE RESISTORS. They are insulated and compact and can easily be integrated in compact constructions. They are constructed for high pulse loads compared to the average load.The resistors comply with IP50, IP52 or IP65 giving electrical and thermal protection. The resistors are Silicone free.

      The power ranges from 100 W to 1045 W steady state load and pulse loads of 40 times compared to the nominal load in one second each 120s. The flat construction of CCH makes it suitable for heat sink cooling and can be used in water cooled equipment.

      Danotherm has developed Thermal Simulation for all resistor types and resistor values. By using these models we are able to calculate the temperature rises in the resistor wire and on the surface for all possible load applications. We offer our assistance to our customers to find the optimum solution for any situation. All types can be offered with thermo watch. This range is generally approved to UL 508 (E208678), please consult Danotherm: