Particularly suitable for heating and maintaining the temperature of large volumes or heating circulating fluids such as water, heavy fuel oil, thermal fluid, air or gas. It can be fitted on tanks, cisterns, boilers and circulation re-heaters and is the best electrical heating system for a range of industries such as food processing, chemicals, textiles, plastics etc.

These stainless steel or incoloy armored elements are generally hairpin-shaped and welded to the DIN/ASA standardized flanges according to procedures which have LRS and ASME approval.

Its watt density, ranging from 0.1 to 15 W/cm², is determined from the working parameters of the process and the exchange coefficients. For a maximum immersion length of 3000 mm, the power delivered by a flange immersion heater can reach several MW.
The electrical cabling in one or more paces gives access to several power steps. Connection blocks and rods are used to ensure the electrical connection. Process connection flange DIN 2577  DN 400 PN 10 Junction box : protection degree IP 65

The array may be fitted with a temperature control system whereby the power and specific load are controlled by parameters such as flow rate, pressure, viscosity, temperature, level. etc. 

All complete assemblies such as flanged immersion heaters or batteries can be supplied with an inspection report showing the measurement and test values. 

Each delivery of equipment subject to regulations, particularity equipment intended for use under pressure, can be supplied with an engineering file including materials certificates, welding book and approvals. 

All orders are supplied with an identification sheet which must be enclosed or referred to in future inquiries. 
On request, the equipment can be subjected to inspection by accredited bodies such as VERITAS - LRS - DNV – ABS - CUSTOMER'S

Nota : the files are prepared subject to their being specified in the inquiry or the order.