Circulation heaters are specially designed for heating or reheating fluids subject to forced circulation such as water, super heated water, oil, fuel oil, steam, air or gas in general. The elements which make up the heating array are designed specifically for each application and made of stainless steel selected for its corrosion characteristics and temperature of the fluid. The shapes of the spacers are designed to maximise the thermal exchange coefficient. The heating array may be fitted with temperature control systems whereby the specific watt density (W/cm2) is controlled by parameters such as flow rate, pressure, viscosity, fluid temperature, surface temperature etc.

The immersion heaters, manufactured in accordance with quality system requirements, are fitted in vessels made to the specified construction codes ( RtoD Stoomwezen, ASME etc.) and are supplied with tests reports. The circulation heaters may be built for use in explosive atmospheres and are hydraulically connected to offer high heating power ratings.