Secure - Copper circuit for low magnetic field

Reliable - Low, even surface temperature gives a long lasting performance

Precise - Electronic thermostat, minimal temperature difference between the element and the mattress

Economic - 24h time control, program the thermostat to heat only when needed to save energy

Comfortable - Designed so that you can keep the digital control unit in bed for easy access

Safe - Earthed/double insulated, with overheat protection and children’s lock (International approvals)

Patented heater in gentle and elegant Scandinavian design with low magnetic field

Our technical knowledge from over 30 years of experience within waterbed heat technology now gives you the latest waterbed heater on the market and is built with the same technology developed for medical care. It provides the lowest possible magnetic radiation along with natural safety of a Calesco product. It is a self-limiting, earth shielded heater with a thermal insulated bottom side to minimize heat losses and the patented circuit layout minimized the magnetic field in the bed.

Make a choice depending on your requirements

The Calesco waterbed heater LMF is available with different electronic controllers for safe and accurate temperature control. Choose between the classic controller and the digital controller.

The digital controller gives you night shut-off, double poles switch and the satellite low voltage controller combined with LMF technology it does not get safer than this in a waterbed.