CALESCO Waterbed Heatres

   Calesco has been in the waterbed heater business for over 35 years. Calesco heaters have patented circuit designs and generous polyester insulation operates with one of the lowest electromagnetic fields available on the waterbed heater market today. The small design of the solid state Calesco control unit allows for passage through most waterbed frame openings with ease. Our unique waterbed heater control system is designed for greater comfort and lower energy consumption.

Our solid state waterbed heaters are the safest heaters in the waterbed market worldwide. Made in Europe to exacting standards, Calesco waterbed heaters are etched foil copper circuits with low watt density which deliver superior heat distribution, and feature soldered copper to copper power cord connections.

Calesco has made all possible efforts to limit the EMF exposure from the waterbed heaters by a patented technology (LMF - Low Magnetic Field) that minimizes the magnetic field generated by the heater during operation.

Calesco was the first company in the world to apply PTC effect technology to waterbed heaters.  PTC (Positive Temperature coefficient) is a well-known technology used for its safe and reliable characteristics, which are:

  • A self-limiting function
  • Robust design
  • Uniform heating without low power variation
  • No risk for overheating.
  • Insulated bottom side for energy efficiency

When you purchase Calesco you get Swedish quality and safety. The precision solid state temperature controls will deliver years of trouble free service. 

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